A digital family card was introduced in the Karaganda region

KARAGANDA. KAZINFORM – The Digital Family Card has been piloted in the Karaganda region. It automatically determines the level of social well-being of citizens and allows them to be provided with guaranteed state support in a proactive format, Kazinform correspondent reports.

The Digital Family Map contains data on all residents of the region, which are distributed according to the level of family well-being. It is determined by five criteria: economic living conditions, health coverage and the presence of persons with disabilities, housing conditions, social conditions, educational coverage and the level of education of family members.

The digital card works as follows: the system automatically identifies families that need state support, and an SMS notification is sent to the potential recipient to obtain consent to the provision of public services.

After obtaining consent, benefits, payments or other types of state support are credited to the recipient’s bank account.

“As part of the development of potential TSA recipients in the region, working groups were formed, through which information was checked in the database of the Digital Family Card. Of the 27,760 applicants for TSA, 26,721 people, or 96.3%, have been worked out,” the akimat of the Karaganda region reported.

Stages of project implementation:

from September 1, an opportunity was provided to receive services in a new format for 9 types of benefits and social payments;

from January 1, 2023, the list will be expanded with social protection services;

from January 1, 2024, state guarantees in healthcare and education will be included;

from 2025 there will be coverage with all types of state guarantees.

Also next year, it is planned to introduce a “social wallet” as an alternative to bank cards in a pilot mode. It will be opened by IIN to every Kazakhstani in the National Bank system and will protect the funds accrued to him from penalties from banks, collectors and tax authorities. At the same time, its owners do not need to constantly visit second-tier banks to open an account or renew a bank card (every 3 years). This will also allow you to proactively accrue social benefits to your wallet. Citizens will be able to independently choose where to accrue social payments and benefits: to a social wallet with electronic money or in the usual way to a bank card. From the social wallet, it will be possible to transfer your funds to a bank card and use it as usual or cash out.

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