5 ways to feel younger after 50

Aging is an inevitable process, but it can be delayed and you can still feel good. Ways to feel younger after 50 were listed by Professor of Public Health at the University of New Mexico, USA, Dr. Jagdish Khubchandani.

Connect with people

Loneliness and social isolation are associated with an increased risk of chronic disease and premature death, he says. Khubchandani advised to allocate time for communication and meetings.

Give up bad habits

Smoking remains the main cause of many dangerous diseases, disability and death. And alcohol consumption, in turn, is associated with heart disease. Every time a person smokes, damage to the lungs, heart and brain occurs. Chronic lesions then culminate in serious diseases that accelerate the aging of body systems.

go in for sports

As we age, our physical strength naturally declines and fragility increases. In addition, the metabolism becomes slower and the body begins to accumulate a lot of fat in the abdomen (such as visceral abdominal fat), which is associated with inflammatory changes in the body. This is especially true for heart and brain health. Regular exercise and exercise will give you more energy and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Protect your skin

One of the few manifestations of the aging process that is visible to the naked eye is the condition of the skin. “Skin needs to be toned and is also vulnerable to external influences such as pollutants, ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather.” noted Khubchandani in a conversation with EatThisNotThat. Therefore, skin protection (such as using sunscreen) and nutrition (getting enough vitamins, minerals, and water) are key to looking fresh after 50.

Manage stress and sleep

Stress and sleep deprivation contribute to inflammation in the body, which leads to immune problems and biochemical imbalances that affect the aging process. It’s important to get enough sleep and learn to manage stress to look and feel younger, he says.

Many scientists agree that increasing life expectancy requires an integrated approach. Nutrition plays an important role in this. A study by American scientists showed that reducing the calorie content of the diet and its correct distribution throughout the day promotes longevity.

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