5 haircuts that suit everyone

Not getting a haircut sometimes seems like the right decision, because experiments in hairdressing salons often turn out to be unsuccessful. However, there are such haircuts, such as a short flight of stairs or a bob, with which you definitely can’t go wrong. It is not in vain that they have not gone out of fashion for many years, because they suit almost everyone. Experts have named at least five swifts that can make a woman slimmer and younger.


bob haircut

If you have ever had a bob, but the result was disappointing, then you need to change the specialist who will select your haircut according to the shape of your face and taking into account personal preferences. The fact is that the bob is very diverse: classic, asymmetric, elongated, curly, multi-layered, on a “leg”, with graduation or thinning. For a bean, there are no age restrictions; for older ladies, it helps to lose a couple of years thanks to the disguise of jowls and volume.


Ladder hairstyle

This haircut is attractive in that it often involves minimal intervention, which makes it difficult to spoil the appearance. Ladder involves a stepped shortening of only the front strands that frame the face. An experienced master will select a haircut option according to the shape of the face. Ladder easily helps visually become slimmer and softens facial features.

asymmetrical haircut

British actress Rosamund Pike
©Murdock Michael/ Look Press

British actress Rosamund Pike

Since there is always a certain asymmetry on the face, a slight asymmetry in the haircut will help to correct imbalances. Thanks to this, this hairstyle suits everyone. Side parting and strands falling on the face visually stretch the oval of the face. A shortened version of the haircut can lengthen the neck, writes “I’m buying”.

Elongated caret

Long straight bob or bob

The elongated version of the bob is more versatile and suits any type of appearance and hair (thick, thin, curly). Moreover, such a haircut can be worn by women of different ages, with different colors and even characters. An elongated caret can rejuvenate, but it is important to choose the right hair color.


Cascade for long hair

A multi-layer haircut looks very beneficial: short strands at the crown add volume to the hairstyle, which visually slims and rejuvenates. Cascade adapts to any length and type of hair. The advantage is that the final look of the hairstyle is determined by you. The most popular option is a cascade for long hair, like Jennifer Aniston or Eva Longoria.

Previously, the hairdresser called a fashionable women’s haircut, which suits everyone. It takes into account the shape of the face, hair type and personal preferences.

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