How to Use QRCode Monkey to Create a Custom QR Code

MD. Jubayer Ahamed Sun
MD. Jubayer Ahamed Sun Published on November 12, 2022

You may have heard of QR Code Generator, one of the most robust QR code generators on the web. It's an extraordinarily involved process and workflow. But, what if you need a custom QR code on short notice?

The platform actually offers a dedicated tool, QRCode Monkey, which is perfect to get this task done! Here's how you can use QRCode Monkey to create free QR codes that you can use for anything.

How to Use QRCode Monkey to Make Free QR Codes

First, you'll need to access the QRCode Monkey site. No sign-up will be required, although creating an account with mother brand QR Code Generator does offer you a few additional features, such as scan statistics.


No Attribution Required

Here's how to create a QR code for free without an account:

  1. Add your target URL under Edit Content.
  2. Customize the color of the QR code under Set Colors, adding a gradient if applicable and even custom eye colors; you can choose any colors that you want for your QR code, but darker colors are always recommended.
  3. Add a logo under Add Logo Image, or choose from a number of generic options.
  4. You can use the Customize Design options to change the frame, body style, and eyeball shape as well.

Once you have everything added, hit the green Create QR Code button to see how it's all looking. You can use the quality slider to specify the dimensions of the QR code once you're happy with it.

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