Zelensky turned to the West with a request

Zelensky turned to the West with a request

According to the newspaper, a video of Zelensky’s speech was shown on the screen of the General Assembly. This year it was possible to participate in the event only in person, however, the GA UN allowed the President of Ukraine not to come to New York and speak online. The rest of the leaders who could not come to the US for one reason or another were denied an online speech.

Zelensky in his speech accused Russia of strikes on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and the attack on the pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka. He then turned to Western countries for long-range offensive weapons. He believes this will be enough to defeat the Russian army. In addition, he asked for military equipment, ammunition, air defense systems and financial support.

The President of Ukraine also named five “preconditions” for resolving the conflict. He believes that Russia should be punished for its actions, including depriving the Russian Federation of its right of veto in UN Security Council, deprivation of Russian delegations of rights and sanctions. He also suggested denying Russians visas.

The second condition is military and financial support for Ukraine, as well as the provision of intelligence.

The third is the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the fourth is the provision of security guarantees. The final condition was the requirement of “commitment” of Western states to provide assistance to Ukraine.

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