While you were sleeping: Truss statement about Ukraine and a 15-fold increase in airfare

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Truss promised to help Ukraine “as much as needed”

Great Britain won’t calm down until Ukraine won’t win.” London intends to continue to support Kyiv supply of military equipment. This was stated by British Prime Minister Liz Truss during her speech at UN General Assembly, write “News”.

“Ukrainians are not just defending their country, they are defending our values ​​and the security of the whole world. (…) I promise that we will maintain or increase our military assistance to Ukraine for as long as necessary,” she assured.

Finland is preparing a complete ban on the entry of Russian tourists

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Pekka Haavisto announced the beginning of the implementation of a complete ban on Russian tourists from entering the country due to the Ukrainian crisis. About it informs “Kommersant”.

“There is no moral or ethical basis for Russians’ holidays or trips to Finland or other parts of Europe to continue as usual while Russia is waging war against Ukraine,” he said, explaining that new legislation is being developed to introduce a ban. and they “will be created very quickly.”

Russia introduces new limits on consumer loans

Central Bank decided to apply from January 1, 2023 a new instrument – macroprudential limits, in order to reduce the number of risky loans issued by banks and microfinance organizations. About it write “News”.

Experts interviewed by the publication noted that such a measure is designed to “secure both the banks themselves from the risk of non-repayment, and citizens from an exorbitant increase in the debt burden.”

First of all, the restrictions will affect the issuance of loans to those Russians who are already in a pre-default state.

Air tickets have risen in price by 15 times after the announcement of partial mobilization

Residents of Russia, after the announcement by the President of partial mobilization, bought up all the air tickets to Dubai, Yerevan, Astana and Istanbul. Excessive demand caused a sharp increase in the cost of flights to visa-free destinations. About this with reference to their sources in the industry informs “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, air tickets to these destinations have increased in price by 10-15 times. So, Azimut night tickets to Yerevan, the cost of which started from 16 thousand, quickly ended, and the price for the next available flights from September 25 to 30 is 97 thousand rubles. It used to be possible to fly to Istanbul with Red Wings for 35 thousand rubles, but now the next flight on September 23 costs 152 thousand rubles without luggage.

Borrell promised new sanctions against Russia

EU intends to introduce additional sanctions, both personal and sectoral, against Russia, its leadership and the organizers of referendums in the republics of Donbass, in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. This was stated by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, writes RIA News.

According to Borrell, the sanctions “will be presented as quickly as possible.” Also, the EU announced its intention to strengthen military support for Kyiv.

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