Where the new traffic cameras work in St. Petersburg, September 22, 2022 – September 22, 2022

The number of traffic cameras has increased in St. Petersburg. Another 150 new complexes for photo-video recording of traffic violations out of 300 planned this year have been launched at emergency sites, the press service of the Committee for Informatization and Communications reports on September 22.

Now on the streets of St. Petersburg, in total, there are about 900 complexes for photo and video recording of traffic violations. In 2023, the number of traffic cameras will exceed 1200 pieces. New complexes are installed in places of concentration of road accidents. Thus, cameras will be added on Primorsky, Vyborgsky, Tallinn and Pulkovsky highways, Bogatyrsky, Dunaisky, Industrial Avenues, Veteranov Avenue, Bukharestskaya and Sofiyskaya streets. A complete list of addresses with new cameras can be found here.

“FVF complexes discipline drivers and motivate them to slow down where required by the established regime. We record a positive trend in reducing accidents on the roads every month. That is why we will continue to increase the number of accidents in emergency areas, ”said Yulia Smirnova, chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Informatization and Communications.

Addresses of work of all complexes for photo-video recording of traffic violations in St. Petersburg are published on the websites city ​​monitoring center and traffic police of the Russian Federation.

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