Where in St. Petersburg you can get a job at a factory in 2022 – September 22, 2022

The decree on partial mobilization in Russia guarantees exemption from service for Russians working in organizations of the military-industrial complex (DIC). Among the factories of St. Petersburg, Fontanka found at least a dozen of them. We tell you what kind of factories these are, and where right now you can get a job even without special education.


Leningrad Northern Plant

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was one of the first aircraft manufacturing plants. In the recent past, he produced anti-aircraft missiles, now he is engaged in the production of components.

The plant has three vacancies. The plant is ready to take on wagon turner. It will be necessary to process parts on a lathe, process long shafts and screws, cut threads. You will also have to perform calculations – for example, to obtain given conical surfaces. Responsibilities also include slinging and lashing loads for lifting. Of the skills required – be able to read complex drawings.

For this, the employer guarantees registration according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, weekends on Saturday and Sunday, a working day from 8.00 to 16.30 and a salary of 20 thousand rubles.

On the site Russia’s work two more vacancies were put up: an electrician for 58 thousand rubles a month and a janitor with a “ceiling” of 28.8 thousand rubles.

Research and Production Enterprise “Plant named after Klimov”

One of the leaders of the domestic aviation engine building. The enterprise carries out a full cycle of development of gas turbine aircraft engines, main gearboxes of helicopters, automatic control systems. It is part of the United Engine Corporation (UK UEC OJSC), a 100% subsidiary of OBORONPROM OPK OJSC for managing engine building assets.

JSC “Klimov” is required to close positions on 200 vacanciesfrom the driver to the labor planner.

The operator of machine tools with program control is ready to be hired for production without any experience. The only requirement is to have a thematic secondary vocational education. Responsibilities include turning parts on a lathe and visually monitoring the process. The work process is organized in three shifts, for every five working days there are two days off. The salary starts from 24 thousand rubles for a student and from 60 thousand for a specialist of the 5th category.

State Research and Production Enterprise “Krasnoznamenets”

Engaged in the production of weapons and ammunition and is looking for employees for 32 vacancies. Here you need a carpenter, and a turner, and a milling machine, and a grinder, and many more.

For example, auxiliary worker here they are ready to pay from 22.5 thousand rubles. Special education, except secondary, and experience is not required. Responsibilities include loading, moving, unloading, storing building material, cleaning up construction debris. The working day starts at 7:30 and ends at 16:15, on Friday – an hour shorter.

Leningrad Mechanical Plant named after K. Liebknecht

A machine-building enterprise of the military-industrial complex, specializing in the production of artillery shells and general industrial products, is looking for an economist for financial work, an inspector of machine and locksmith work, and a transporter.

And if the first two vacancies require some experience and skill, then transporter You can become even without education. Responsibilities include unloading, loading, moving goods manually or by means of mechanization, cleaning the territory, keeping the working area clean. For shift work, 5/2 promise employment according to the Labor Code and wages from 32 thousand rubles.

– We need workers with a profession: the turner is the most in demand, adjusters, a machine tool operator with a PU, a locksmith is very needed, he has a salary of 48 thousand in hand. Reservation from mobilization – only after passing the probationary period, it lasts three months. We need guarantees that you will not run away from us,” the plant said.

Research and production enterprise “Signal”

“Signal” develops high-tech means and equipment for documented special communications, supplies law enforcement agencies and departments with special equipment, and is mainly looking for employees with special education – economists and engineers.

Hands accustomed to simple physical labor will also come in handy here, for example, clean rooms. You will need to come to work for only three hours a day, from 5:30 to 8:30, dust the floor and windows, and take out the trash. No experience is required from the applicant, the main thing is to be accurate and conscientious. Despite part-time employment, the employee is promised to be registered in accordance with the labor code and paid from 15 thousand rubles.

JSC “Radio Equipment Plant”

The plant manufactures and maintains radio engineering systems and electronic equipment complexes for special purposes. But even here there is a job for a person with no experience. Orders of great tasks should not be expected – in official duties loader includes intra-warehouse processing of goods: sorting, stacking, carrying, etc. manually using simple loading and unloading devices. It will also be necessary to carry shields and ladders, install winches and lifting blocks. For work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, they promise official employment and a salary of 26,000 rubles. A bonus is insurance under VMI, free examination and treatment at the medical center of the society, receiving financial assistance / loans, free access to gyms, ice rink.

Yes, we confirm that we belong to a defense complex enterprise, but we don’t know yet which categories of workers will receive reservations from mobilization, so we don’t have to comment yet. There will definitely be clarifications, but later, – they told Fontanka at the plant.

Research and Production Association “Impulse”

For more than 50 years NPO has been specializing in the development, pilot production and maintenance of special territorially distributed information and control systems for the Armed Forces of the country.

There are 8 active vacancies open at the enterprise, from a programmer to an operator of machine tools with PU. But you can also start small, like electrical service electrician. Great feats are not expected from the applicant – secondary specialized education, a willingness to learn and work at a height (in the literal sense of the word) are welcome. Responsibilities include replacement, installation of power electrical equipment, installation and dismantling of cables, lighting fixtures, socket blocks, installation and repair of telephone equipment

For five-day work from 8:00 to 16:45, they promise a white salary of 37,000 rubles before taxes. A bonus is a VHI policy after passing the probationary period, partial payment for a children’s camp and other payments under a collective agreement.

State Enterprise “Admiralty Shipyards”

Admiralty Shipyards is a leading Russian supplier of integrated turnkey solutions for military and civil shipbuilding. You can get a job without experience and education even here. Great positions will not be offered, you will have to start with janitor. The duty includes wet cleaning of cabins after finishing. For work 8 hours a day, five days a week, the employee is promised to be paid from 30 thousand rubles a month. True, the design is proposed under the GPC agreement.


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