What medicines can be bought at a pharmacy without a prescription to quickly calm down: a list

Magnesium Supplements

They can help with muscle spasms, nervous tension, insomnia. A significant plus of magnesium is that it can be prescribed even to children older than 1 year.

– Supplements with magnesium rarely cause side effects, and they are definitely needed for people who have a deficiency of this element in the body. However, it would be nice if you still consult a doctor before taking it, says neurologist Ksenia Doronina.

You can read about what forms of magnesium are and how to take it correctly. HERE.


This drug is prescribed when a person has an important task that will definitely cause stress: for example, to pass an exam, to speak to a large audience for the first time.

The medicine itself is very mild, says Olga Shubina. With depression, of course, it will not help. But for a sedative effect and improve sleep, you can drink it.

As for another drug – “Tenotena” – then everything is debatable.

– There are many studies conducted in the Russian Federation that prove its effectiveness. However, it should be noted that the active ingredient of the drug is the brain-specific S-100 protein applied to the tablet at a dilution of 10 to the minus 16 degree, that is, in a homeopathic dilution, says neurologist Ksenia Doronina.

Therefore, the placebo effect cannot be ruled out here either.

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