What happens to the psyche if severe stress lasts longer than three days: psychologist explains

What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger

You’ve probably heard the expression: “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” According to psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky, it does work, but under certain conditions.

What causes psychotrauma? As a rule, these are situations in which a person goes through stress, the level of which is higher than his psyche can digest. He just can’t deal with things anymore.

In response to traumatic circumstances, the psyche tries to find a way to protect itself. As a rule, it appears in childhood. For example, if a child is used to running into his fantasies from a painful reality, then when he grows up, he will believe in all sorts of nonsense, so long as he is not here and now. And it happens unconsciously.

However, everything changes if a person can realize what exactly is happening to him and accept his negative emotions. In this case, he can look at himself from the outside and come up with a more correct and logical way to help himself.

It is very important to have an internal dialogue: yes, I’m scared, sad, angry, and there are reasons for this. I will go and do what will help me cope with the situation, it will be easier to get over it, what will help reduce stress.

Such a strategy, says Labkovsky in his telegram channel, helps a person to strengthen the psyche, make it more resistant, find effective ways to help yourself. In this case, stress can really make you stronger and better.

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