What collection is on sale in St. Petersburg H&M September 23, 2022 – September 23, 2022

The Swedish chain of stores H&M and its subsidiaries COS, H&M Home, Mango and Other Stories continue to operate in St. Petersburg and either sell the old or quietly bring in the new. The correspondent of “Fontanka” learned from the employees of the stores, to wait for the buyers of new collections or the imminent closure of stores in Russia.

Telegram channels and the media reported that a new collection of clothes and accessories was being delivered to H&M outlets through parallel imports. On September 16, an article about this was released “News”, citing a source close to the company’s management. According to him, the retailer is interested “to stay on the market as long as possible, so he organized the supply of goods to Russian stores from Kazakhstan.”

According to the editorial staff, the number of employees in the stores had to be increased, as the regular staff could not cope with the volume of deliveries. At the time, the Russian Council of Shopping Centers also confirmed that fresh things were coming to the brand outlets.

At the same time, H&M itself denied the fact of deliveries. In conversation with RBC representatives of the press service of the company noted that now the store is only selling the remaining stock. The shops are temporarily open. In the process of preparing for the closure, we are selling only the stock remaining in Russia, ”explained at H&M.

The Fontanka correspondent tried to figure out who was right and came to the chain’s outlet in the City Mall. It turned out that the opinions of employees about whether new things are coming also differ. One of the workers confirmed that clothes from the new collection are coming to the shops. Another employee of the same store denied the words of her colleague: “This is not a new collection. Now they deliver what was left in the central warehouses in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and deliver it to stores. As if the product might look like something else, but it’s all old.”

The company suspended sales in Russia on March 2: in 168 chain stores and online. On July 18, H&M Group, which owns the brands H&M, H&M Home, COS, Arket, Monki, & Other Stories, Weekday, announced its decision to permanently leave Russia. In the same month, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the sale of the company’s business in the country.

In August, the network’s stores opened in Russia to sell off the remaining goods in the warehouse. While H&M continues to work in St. Petersburg, and goods, old or new, do not end.

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