We were scared by this in childhood: can a human bladder burst

Many of us were scared in childhood – if you don’t go to the toilet for a long time when the bladder is full, trouble can happen – it will burst. This children’s “horror story” is firmly entrenched in our minds. But how real are such statements – can a person’s bladder really burst if you endure it for a very long time, do not go to the toilet in a small way so that the organ literally overflows?

Yes, it is harmful to endure for a long time, doctors do not deny this. Going to the toilet to urinate should be about once every 4-6 hours or as needed when the urge arises. But to be patient, if the situation does not allow emptying right now, it is also possible, this will not affect health. “Doctor Peter” asked questions about this problem to Dmitry Zhuravsky, a urologist-andrologist.

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