Water in space: scientists have found possible evidence, news September 2022 – 23 September 2022

An amazing component was found in grains of dust that were extracted by the Japanese space probe Hayabusa-2 (Hayabusa-2) from the asteroid (162173) Ryugu. Literally a drop of water. However, it is she who can become proof that life on Earth could be laid down from space. About the discovery of Japanese scientists reports The Guardian.

It is noted that the findings were presented in the latest study. It will be officially published soon. The scientists analyzed only 5.4 grams of rocks and dust.

“Many researchers believe that water was brought from space, but in fact, we first discovered water in Ryugu, an asteroid near the Earth,” Tomoki Nakamura, a planetary scientist from Tohoku University (Japan), told reporters.

The found drop of water contains salt and organic matter. “We found evidence that this could be directly related, for example, to the origin of the oceans or organics on Earth,” says Tomoki Nakamura.

The Hayabusa-2 probe was launched in 2014 with a mission to Ryuga. It returned to Earth orbit in 2020. The cargo brought has already given, in particular, the understanding that amino acids can be found in space.

Nakamura’s team includes about 150 researchers from different countries. This is one of the largest groups of scientists that is studying samples from Ryugu.

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