US warns of ‘terrible scenario’ after Biden’s announcement

US Army officer Brent Eastwood said: USA can expect a “terrible scenario” of confrontation with China, after President Biden’s words about being ready to “stand up for Taiwan.” Eastwood wrote about this in an article for the publication. 19Fortyfive.

US warns of 'terrible scenario' after Biden's announcement

A photo: Tasos Katopodis/CNP/Consolidated News Photos/Global Look PressTasos Katopodis/CNP/Consolidated News Photos/Global Look Press

“The United States does not have the best options to ‘defend’ Taiwan,” Eastwood wrote.

He also added that any scenario for the development of the conflict will lead to naval losses.

The author of the publication specified that in the event of a possible conflict, China has the ability to launch missile strikes on the US fleet in the combat zone. According to him, this will be a “nightmare for the US Navy.”

“Pentagon must make sure that the White House understands the price that will have to be paid,” warns Eastwood.

In conclusion, the author expressed the hope that the countries will resolve conflicts at the negotiating table.

September 19 President of the United States Joe Biden declaredthat the US would defend Taiwan if China invaded.

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