US calls on Zelensky to renounce Crimea

US calls on Zelensky to renounce Crimea

According to the publication, a recent breakthrough Ukraine under Kharkov gave rise to optimistic forecasts in Kyiv, Brussels and Washington, but the special operation is not over yet. Moscow still retains an advantage in numbers. Against the background of the announced partial mobilization and threats Vladimir Putin to use all available means, it will not be easy for Kyiv to recapture even the Donbass.

“Going after Crimea would be a much more difficult task, a potential jump into all-out conflict. Kyiv would have to recruit and train far more men than is necessary to defend against Russian attacks. And for Ukraine to succeed, Western weapons need to be in abundance. At the same time, Moscow is unlikely to retreat calmly,” the article says.

The authors note that Crimea is of great importance for Russia, because the majority of Russians consider this territory theirs.

Washington is interested in helping Kyiv defend itself against a Russian attack, but not interested in allowing Ukraine to risk regional stability and peace by correcting past historical mistakes.

Formerly a retired US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said the United States would deliver a “crushing blow” to the Russian Black Sea Fleet and bases in Crimea if Russia used nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

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