The United States announced an unenviable choice for Washington

As the east Ukraine develop favorable for Moscow conditions and strengthening positions Russia in the world, Washington is left with an unenviable choice of how to proceed. About what comes before USAsaid the former adviser to the Minister of Defense, Colonel Douglas McGregor in an article for The American Conservative.

The United States announced an unenviable choice for Washington

According to him, Washington can either recognize the successful operation to “reduce Russian power” in Ukraine and begin to draw down its forces, or risk a regional war with Russia that will engulf all European countries.

McGregor also clarified that the willingness of the Russian president to negotiate with Kyiv, as well as the desire to reduce the scale of the special operation in Ukraine, has always been perceived by the United States as a sign of weakness. It was clear, the American colonel said, that the main goal of Russia in Ukraine was to eliminate the threat from NATO.

Earlier, a former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense said that Kyiv would not be able to return the country’s former borders, but Washington fully agrees with this alignment. McGregor also noted that the United States initially pursued its own goals and sought to “harm Russia.”

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