The State Duma responded to reports of the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine

In the Russian Federation reacted to reports of the exchange of prisoners with the participation of Medvedchuk

On the night of September 22, it became known that Russia and Ukraine exchanged prisoners. Member HRC Eva Merkacheva reported that the Russian side released the British Sean Pinner and Aiden Aslin, also Citizen Morocco Saadun Brahim, sentenced to death in the DPR. The human rights activist noted that the exchange took place through the mediation of the Crown Prince Saudi Arabia.

“Thank God that such processes are going on at all. We know that they are attended by very authoritative people from other countries who act as intermediaries,” said Chepa.

The deputy said that it is necessary to wait for the official statements of the Ministry of Defense before talking about the numbers and naming those released from captivity. “So let’s not name names ahead of time,” he added.

In June, the first deputy chairman of the committee State Duma on Security and Anti-Corruption Andrey Lugovoy declaredwhat PinnerAslin and Brahim, sentenced to death in the DPR, can only be exchanged for Russian citizens and Russian military personnel.

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