The culprit of a mass accident with a bus was sentenced at the intersection of Geroev Avenue and Marshal Zakharov Street in St. Petersburg on August 18, 2019, photo, video – September 23, 2022

In St. Petersburg, a driver was sentenced for causing a mass accident in the Krasnoselsky district in the summer of 2019. He flew through the parked cars on the “red” and collected another car and a bus at the intersection. One of the passengers was seriously injured.

The accident occurred around 16:50 on August 18, 2019 at the intersection of Geroev Avenue and Marshal Zakharov Street. The defendant, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, raced on a Citroen C5 along the third row of Geroev Avenue from Katernikov Street towards Leninsky Prospekt at a speed of about 100 km/h, the United Press Service of St. Petersburg reported on September 23. Passing cars in front stopped at a red light, but the man did not slow down. Instead, he moved into the leftmost lane and, after ramming a standing Chevrolet Tahoe, flew into the intersection, where faced with a Mitsubishi Lancer driving along Marshal Zakharov, and then ran into a standing LiAZ bus and a Volkswagen Tiguan. “Mitsubishi” from impact also crashed into the bus.

Video: «Accident and emergency | St. Petersburg”

As a result of the accident, the passenger of the Lancer was seriously injured. Initially reportedthat the culprit himself and two more drivers of passenger cars suffered. Their injuries were assessed as moderate.

The defendant admitted his guilt and made a public apology to the victim. He has not been brought to criminal responsibility before, he has a dependent wife with a chronic illness and is a chronicler himself. The Krasnoselsky District Court of St. Petersburg found the motorist guilty of violating traffic rules while intoxicated, which negligently caused grievous bodily harm to a person (clause a, part 2, article 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and sentenced him to 3 years in prison in a colony-settlement with deprivation of rights to 2 years.

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