The Botanical Garden will host the “Extraordinary Garden” festival – events in St. Petersburg September 24–23, 2022 – September 24, 2022

The traditional autumn “Extraordinary Garden” offers an extensive program: from a master class in drawing with tea and “Mad Tea Party” to Brazilian dances and kindling a samovar. 0+

The Unusual Garden festival will take place in the Botanical Garden on September 24–25. The organizers promise “the most comfortable event of the fall.” The program is extensive, several sites will operate in the Garden. On the square near the Green House, the Mimigrants Theater, the Zhuravushka Ensemble and Fyodor Grigoriev, the master of playing the bottle phone, will perform. From 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday, there will also be a master class in the Brazilian forro dance, and they also promise quizzes and tea drinking. The “Green House” will host botanical exhibitions “Tea – Help Out” and “Treasures of Chakva”, and in the small hall of the pavilion there will be a lecture with a demonstration on cooking masala and other thematic performances.

Photo: courtesy of the Botanical Garden

Pay attention to the “Treasures of Chakva” – these are exhibits from the fund of the Botanical Museum. They are dedicated to the cultivation of tea in the Georgian village of Chakva. In 1896, Ivan Klingen, an agronomist and tea grower, brought six thousand seedlings and two tons of seeds to establish tea plantations in Chakva.

In addition, lectures and demonstrations will take place on Saturday and Sunday in the Assembly Hall, where they will learn, among other things, how to brew mate, a drink of the South American Indians, which is often called “Che Guevara’s drink”, and whip matcha powder tea. During the days of the festival, it will also be possible to stroll through the Japanese Garden. Next to it there will be a tent with an interactive program “Tea and Kungfu”.

Traditionally, the Botanical Museum will operate during the festival days, and the Subtropical Greenhouse Route will be in walking mode.

The Unusual Garden Festival is open from 10.00 to 17.30 (tickets on sale until 16.30). Detailed information and the schedule of sites can be found on the website and social networks of the garden. 0+

Photo: courtesy of the Botanical Garden

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