Stoltenberg spoke about the end of the conflict in Ukraine

General Secretary NATO Jens Stoltenberg confident that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will end at the negotiating table, but wants to help Kyiv ensure good negotiating positions. His words leads “RIA News”.

Stoltenberg spoke about the end of the conflict in Ukraine

“This war will probably end at the negotiating table, like most wars. But we also know that in order to guarantee an acceptable outcome of such negotiations for Ukraine, they must strengthen their positions on the battlefield,” Stoltenberg said.

In this regard, he called on NATO to continue to support Kyiv. According to Stoltenberg, the countries of the alliance have already begun to negotiate with the military-industrial complex enterprises to increase the supply of weapons for themselves and Kyiv. The NATO Secretary General also called on states to impose sanctions against Russia.

“We must mobilize the entire international community, including UNto issue an unequivocal condemnation of Moscow’s actions,” he added.

He emphasized that the speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin did not come as a surprise, NATO was ready “for this.” According to Stoltenberg, the Russian Federation now “is not striving for negotiations, but for control of Ukrainian territory.”

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