St Petersburg University student received a summons, September 2022 – September 23, 2022

A SPbU student who has received a summons will be able to continue their studies. The university stood up for the student.

The situation with the agenda is reported on the St Petersburg University website on September 23. The message says that the student received “a summons to the military registration and enlistment office so that he would come to be sent to training camps.” The information was confirmed by Deputy Rector for Security Dmitry Gryaznov. To resolve the issue, he turned to the military commissariat.

“The issue regarding this student was resolved – the agenda was drawn up erroneously. As previously reported, partial mobilization will not affect students,” Gryaznov noted. Students are asked to inform the administration about such cases.

In the student telegram channel “Lupa and Pupa” to be specifiedthat we are talking about a student of the political faculty who entered the university after military service, where he received the military registration specialty “shooter”.

Student Council activists promptly contacted the administration, the freshman was given a certificate of study at the university, which exempts him from partial mobilization.

The Ministry of Defense stated that full-time students do not fall under partial mobilization, and part-time students may be attracted by decision of the draft commission for mobilization.

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