Simonyan after Pugacheva’s statement again “walked” on Galkin

Simonyan called Galkin a collaborator

“”Sincere”. The main thing that I liked here is “sincere”. I already answered Solovyov about his sincerity, for which I then scolded me!” Simonyan said, recalling that she then announced Galkin’s unconventional orientation.

The journalist noted that she did this on the day when the comedian wrote down his appeal to subscribers that “Russia is lying” – after such words of Galkin, she decided to tell how he “he is lying all his life.” She also recalled that Galkin disseminated false information and misled people.

“What he carries is not a position, this is called solidarity with the enemy! It is called to say the same thing that the enemy’s special services say, to help them. This is not a foreign agent, this is a collaborator, ”the editor-in-chief of RT emphasized.

Recall that after the start of the special operation, Galkin and Pugacheva left Russia with their children. At the end of the summer, the Primadonna returned to Moscow, while her husband remained abroad.

the day before Ministry of Justice of Russia recognized Galkin as a foreign agent. After that, Pugacheva turned to the department with a request to include her in the list after her husband. She noted that she supports Galkin’s position and considers him a true patriot.

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