Saving jobs for those mobilized, September 23, 2022 – September 23, 2022

Secretary of the General Council of “United Russia” Andrey Turchak announced the introduction of amendments to the State Duma, which will change the labor legislation.

“The amendments (to the Labor Code. – Ed.) will close the gaps in labor legislation, due to which the employer is now not obliged in such situations (when an employee enters military service under a contract or mobilization. – Ed.) the employee has his workplace and can terminate the employment contract,” Turchak said. Message appeared September 23 on the party website.

The changes will allow the period spent in military service to be counted as seniority. For the employee, he said, they will leave additional insurance and a non-state pension. The families of such servicemen will receive additional guarantees.

“In particular, the pre-emptive right to retain the workplace in the event of a reduction in staff in the organization. The employer will not be able to involve such employees in overtime work and send them on business trips without their consent,” Turchak added.

The amendments, he said, are going to be adopted in the near future. Changes in the Labor Code, according to the press service, will systematically consolidate the measures provided for by the Government Decree.

The day before, Fontanka wrote that the government of the Russian Federation approved the resolution on the preservation of jobs for those called up as part of partial mobilization. Mobilized citizens will be able to keep the employment contract (it will be suspended, not terminated) and later return to the organization.

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