Russians not subject to mobilization urged to declare their rights

Chapter Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov urged Russians who are not subject to mobilization to inform the draft commission in a timely manner and confirm their words with documents.

Tsydenov recalled that Russians “who for some reason did not serve” and who have four or more minor children are not subject to mobilization.

“Yesterday and today summons were issued, including to such conscripts. But then, after clarifying the data, they were allowed to go home. In the morning, seventy such people. They were allowed to go home from collection points, and already from the military unit, ”said the head of Buryatia.

In this regard, he called on all conscripts who are not subject to mobilization to inform the representatives of the military registration and enlistment office at the collection point in a timely manner and to have documents confirming this with them. Tsydenov also added that everyone who believes that they were called by mistake can clarify this point by calling the single number 122, which will start working on September 23 from 10:00.

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