Putin put Germany in a dead end

Germany believes that statements about the possibility of using nuclear weapons are just an attempt to scare the West, which supports Ukraine. Germany will follow the development of the situation and the decisions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, although it is quite difficult to understand his strategy. This statement was made by the head of the German Ministry of Defense Christina Lambrecht, transmits RIA Novosti with reference to the German TV channel ZDF.

Putin put Germany in a dead end

She answered the question of whether strikes on the eastern territories of Ukraine would mean strikes on Russia if they manage to hold referendums there.

“For us, it is quite clear that this is Ukrainian territory,” Lambrecht said.

According to her, Germany should follow Putin’s decisions, so that things do not come to a new escalation. At the same time, Lambrecht admitted that in Germany they cannot fully understand the strategy of the Russian president.

In addition, she believes that statements about the use of nuclear weapons are just attempts to intimidate the enemy. Lambrecht stressed that these attempts are being made to divide Western countries that support Ukraine. She assured that this would not happen.

“This should be a very clear signal to Russia – we will continue to stand on the side of Ukraine,” said the head of the German Ministry of Defense.

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