Poster of St. Petersburg – events, where to go on September 23, 24, 25, 2022: when is the Fountain Festival in Peterhof, on Palace Square, the festival in New Holland, Lenkom and Chaif ​​- September 23, 2022

This weekend you can take a break, focusing on the little things around. Look at the works of the “Georgian Modigliani” in the Russian Museum and look for references to the already familiar, learn how to properly brew tea at a holiday in the Botanical Garden and listen to jazz on the alleys of autumn Pavlovsk.

Photo: Peterhof State Museum


Peterhof returns the Autumn Festival of Fountains

September 23 and 24, 6+

Photo: Peterhof State Museum

After a two-year break, Peterhof again holds Autumn Festival of Fountains. A multimedia show with 3D light projections, which the artists will bring to the facade of the Grand Peterhof Palace, will tell about the Peter the Great era and about the emperor himself, who dreamed of creating museums, as in Europe, and took the first step towards this. One of the brightest elements of the performance should be a large light fountain.

Bikers and shows on Palace Square will be set up for the winter season

23 — 25 September, 0+

The opening of the autumn-winter tourist season, which fell on this weekend, will be large-scale: by Friday, interactive pavilions with works of art on various topics and a huge model of the Moon from the planetarium will grow on Palace Square, and at 20.00 a light and music show will unfold on the stage near the Hermitage . The main event of Saturday is the closing of the motorcycle season: bikers will start gathering at Dvortsovaya by 11.00 to arrange a motorcycle race through the Central and Admiralteisky districts at 15.00. Sunday’s program is more devoted to music, and the details of this – in announcement of Fontanka.

Betancourt bridge will attract street culture

September 25 and 25, 16+

In the skate park under the Betancourt bridge, skateboarders, cyclists and athletes on scooters compete against each other. For two days at the Traffic Flow street culture festival, beginners and professionals will perform complex acrobatic elements and compete in speed. It will not do without street artists: they will complement the graffiti collection.

Pavlovsk will inspire coffee and jazz

September 24 and 25, 0+

Photo: Provided by the organizers

It’s worth going to Pavlovsk for the sake of the festival «Coffee&Jazz». The curators invited the legendary multi-instrumentalist David Goloshchekin and his ensemble, and tried to make sure that other genres besides directly jazz sketches were included in the musical program. Among the guests are vibraphonist Alexei Chizhik and percussionist Yoel Gonzalez-Portilla. The latter masterfully gives the classical works an Afro-Cuban and Brazilian sound.

“Revision” will be held in New Holland

From 23 to 25 September, 0+

A festival of independent book and publishing houses is planned at Dom 12 in New Holland “Revision”. Among others, there will be booths of Boomkniga and Vse Svobodny, Renome, TransLit, Ivan Limbach Publishing House, Cloudberry and Ad Marginem, No Kidding Press, European University Press at St. Petersburg and many of their colleagues. In the poster – thematic lectures. Specially for the festival, the organizers will publish an updated map of independent bookstores in the city.

Botanical treats with tea

24 — 25 September, 6+

In the Botanical Garden – the festival “Unusual Garden”. In addition to the exhibition of tea plants from around the world and the tasting of drinks prepared from them, there will be a rich parallel program at the festival. On the square near the “Green House” pavilion, the clowns of the “Migrants” group will arrange a “Non-Random Tea Party” and show performances of the “NeskuChayny Circus”. Invited musicians will play the bottlephone and accompany Indian dances.


“Queen of Spades” in the world through the looking glass

23 — 24 September, 12+

Conductor Pavel Bubelnikov and director Alexander Petrov staged an opera by Pyotr Tchaikovsky at the Children’s Musical Theater Through the Looking Glass “The Queen of Spades”. A story about love, inheritance, maps and secrets is inextricably linked with St. Petersburg, so the creative team worked separately on the image of the city on stage. Petersburg in the performance is presented as an element of reflections, mysticism and dreams. Tenor Dmitry Kalyaka performs as Herman.

Lenkom brought its stars

September 24 and 25, 19.00, 16+

Photo: Lenkom Theater

Moscow Theater “Lenkom Mark Zakharov” presents in St. Petersburg “Marriage” based on a comedy by Nikolai Gogol. The performance is a classic, to which the team has been returning for years. This time the roles are played by Viktor Rakov, Olesya Zheleznyak, Ivan Agapov, Alexander Zbruev, Tatyana Kravchenko, Vladimir Yumatov, Alexander Sirin. Both evenings, spectators are collected at the Vyborgsky Palace of Culture.

Theaters will present performances online

September 23 and 24

This weekend, in order to see a good performance, it is not at all necessary to leave the house and buy tickets. On the festival website “Petersburg Theater Seasons” and in his official group “VKontakte” there will be online shows of the repertoire of the leading St. Petersburg venues. On Friday at 19.00 Wolves and Sheep (16+) by Andrzej Buben from Baltic House based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s material will appear online. The next day’s program includes a new performance by the Comedian’s Shelter, Uncle Vanya (16+), staged by Yevgeny Serzin. Start also at 19.00. After the curtain falls, the creative teams will be ready to answer all questions from the viewers in the broadcast.

“Good Neighbor Festival”: music and legends

From 23 to 25 September, 0+

The festival “Vladimirsky LIVE” can rightly be called “neighbourly”. Its organizers and participants were residents of the Vladimir District: actors from the Lensoviet Theater and Subbota, Kukfo, Karlsson Haus, the Philharmonic of Jazz Music, employees of Mayakovka and all those who consider this part of the city “their own”. Locals organized excursions and walks, lectures on urban legends and a big “gala concert”. It will start in Zagorodny Prospekt at noon on September 25th.

Basilashvili, Kryuchkova and Smekhov will congratulate a friend

September 24, 19.00, 16+

Eduard Kochergin – not only for half a century the main artist of the BDT, but the author of many stories and the novel “Baptized with the Crosses”, awarded the “National Bestseller” award. On the evening In honor of the 85th anniversary of Kochergin, a select circle of friends and colleagues will gather at the Kamennoostrovsky Theater. Oleg Basilashvili, Nana Usatova, Svetlana Kryuchkova and other BDT artists, as well as Veniamin Smekhov, Alexander Klyukvin, Vyacheslav Zakharov will take the stage to read the artist’s favorite works and congratulate him on his anniversary. In the foyer of the BDT there is an exhibition with sketches of scenery and costumes, photographs of rehearsals for dozens of performances that the master designed over the years.

Goodwin in “Legend” will become a real wizard

September 24, 12.00 and 16.00, September 25, 11.00, 6+

In the theater “Legend” Goodwin, who is also a magician from Oz, will prove that, in spite of everything, he knows how to really surprise. For tricks and reincarnations in the play “The Magician Goodwin: the fulfillment of desires” is responsible for the leading actor – Andrey Poznyakov. He is a professional illusionist, a finalist in the television projects Surprise Me, Everything but the Ordinary. So with the help of supernatural powers or simple sleight of hand, he will create “magic”.


“Stubborn Elephant” will show the world without people

From September 23 to November 6, 0+

Photo: Provided by the organizers

The new exhibition in the KGallery space “Stubborn Baby Elephant” is the perfect environment to breathe a little. The exposition is based on Vladimir Sterligov’s illustrations for the African fairy tale of the same name and his plots for some other children’s books. The artist is not unknown – he studied with Kazimir Malevich, collaborated with the Oberiuts, Daniil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky, illustrated the magazines “Chizh” and “Hedgehog”, and in the post-war years he worked in “Murzilka”. In Sterligov’s view, the world of the stubborn baby elephant is full of both delicate and bright colors and, of course, completely belongs to the inhabitants of the jungle.

Georgian “Modigliani” – in the Russian Museum

From September 23 to November 7, 12+

The Marble Palace exhibits more than sixty works by Igor Cholaria, a Georgian artist whose paintings are full of references to music, carnival and the work of Amedeo Modigliani. The fact that he was inspired by the colors of the Russian avant-garde and the style of French impressionism, the author always spoke directly. It is all the more interesting to look for points of contact between genres and imitation in the works. One of the pictures is portrait of Alla Pugacheva “Woman Who Sings” The author’s works are in many private collections and are readily bought by celebrities from Madonna to Pierre Richard.

Learn new

Success and business stories — at the festival

September 24, 16+

Photo: Provided by the organizers

After success in Kazan festival of creative industries Telling Stories comes to Petersburg. In the RASKROI space, professors from the Higher School of Economics and invited experts, such as Anastasia Fedorova, curator of the Fashion community at Yandex.Q, will discuss current issues. Topics range from how talent affects the economy to creating a longing for peace in the big city. Entrance to the festival is free.

Metaphors in thinking will help to find a linguist

September 24, 18.30, 12+

In the library. Mayakovsky, psychologist, literary critic, author of the Cognitive Poetics community Anatoly Smirnov will turn to metaphors, one of the most interesting topics in the field of linguistics and cognitive science. The lecturer will talk about the classic work by George Lakoff and Mark Johnson “Metaphors We Live By” and its main idea that this form of expression in language is the basis not only of literature, but of human thinking in general. free, need registration.

Aesthetics of the city – in words and on the shelves

September 24, 14.30, 16+

What is the beauty of the city, how it is achieved and whether it can be appreciated, is discussed at the lecture from the cycle “The City Outside”. Its researchers and urbanists, together with the ideologues, launched a recently appeared project (non)human. The meeting will last approximately two and a half hours.

listen to music

Gerello will combine classics and Russian romance

23 September, 19.00, 6+

The Small Philharmonic Hall opens the season with a concert by opera singer, soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, baritone Vasily Gerello. The State Russian Concert Orchestra under the direction of Vladimir Popov is responsible for the musical accompaniment. The program includes Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, old Russian romances and Neapolitan songs.

Chaif ​​announces a big concert

September 25, 19.00, 6+

Photo: Chaif ​​group community on VKontakte

The Chaif ​​group gathers listeners at the Yubileiny sports complex for the final concert of the anniversary tour “War, Peace and…”. Vladimir Shakhrin and the company are going to remember the main thing for 35 years of creativity.

Kalinov Most will perform with the best

September 25, 20.00, 16+

On the stage of “Cosmonaut” the song “Kalinov Bridge”. One of the key groups of Russian folk-rock, together with the audience, is preparing to perform their best hits.

On the screens

“Barracuda” with Banderas reached the rental

From September 22, 18+

Action movie is out “Barracuda” with Antonio Banderas. The creepy name is just a nickname for the hero. By the way, he chose the name in honor of his favorite car: a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda. The main character of the story is a mercenary who has been working for the mafia for many years. He decides to go against “his own” after the kidnapping of a teenage girl.

The biography of Edgar Allan Poe has become a mystic

From September 22, 16+

Photo: Frame from the film

From other foreign novelties – “Raven’s Hollow”based on real events from the life of Edgar Allan Poe. According to the plot, the future classic of Gothic literature is faced with mystical events that force him to start writing. It is noteworthy that director Christopher Hutton attracted the English actor William Moseley, who played Peter in The Chronicles of Narnia, for the main role.

Little Red Riding Hood will take revenge

From September 22, 12+

New version of history Little Red Riding Hood is presented by Lina Arifulina, ex-director of the Star Factory. In the imagination of the creative team, the heroine, once invented by Charles Perrault, lives in a world where werewolves have broken a fragile truce with a clan of wolf fighters. The heroine will have to avenge the death of her father and discover the secret of her family.

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