Polyansky: West failed to isolate Russia when voting on Zelensky’s speech

Polyansky: West failed to isolate Russia when voting on Zelensky's speech

According to him, it was possible to “pull” many large developing states to the side of the Russian Federation, among which, including members BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). The diplomat pointed to the passivity of African and other developing countries that did not have time to receive instructions from their capitals. Otherwise, according to Polyansky, the outcome could have been completely different.

As a result, instead of the situation with the isolation of Russia, which Moscow’s “enemies” were counting on, they had to face serious support for the logic set out in the speech voiced in the General Assembly, the permanent representative said. He noted that the calculation was that Moscow and its allies would not have time to do anything.

The diplomat noted that the Russian allies managed to submit amendments that remove political moments and provide an opportunity to demonstrate videos with recordings of the leaders’ addresses not only to Ukraine, but to all states in need of this next week.

Recall that the General Assembly of the organization allowed the President of Ukraine to speak at a high-level week in the format of a video message.

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