Personal experience: how to lose 30 kilograms without ever going to the gym

There is no bad and good food

As for proper nutrition, the young man explained that he simply stopped “demonizing” food and dividing it into good and bad.

– You just decide what do you put in your mouth and how much, he says. – What many people do not talk about is that people lose weight simply because they turn on self-control – they do not eat a whole bar of chocolate and cake with spoons, but limit themselves to one piece.

Mike admitted that while losing weight, he lived a full life and just tried to be consistent.

“It is important to choose your regimen, nutrition – what is right for you, move at your own pace and clearly understand why you need to lose weight, where you want to go, and not what to get away from,” he said. – The main reason why I managed to lose weight is CONSISTENCY. Once you set yourself up to achieve your goal, nothing can stop you.

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