Partial mobilization in St. Petersburg, September 21, 2022 – September 21, 2022

Partial mobilization tasks began to be carried out in St. Petersburg, Governor Alexander Beglov held a meeting on this topic with the heads of districts and the military commissar of the city, the Smolny press service reported on September 21.

The press service assured that the executive authorities will facilitate the mobilization activities. Local administrations will support military registration and enlistment offices in issuing subpoenas and searching for dodgers.

“The conscription plan should be carried out in strict compliance with the requirements of the laws governing conscription and without violating the rights of citizens called up for military service,” Beglov said.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining jobs for the mobilized and supporting their families, including the unscheduled admission of children of military personnel to educational institutions.

“In order to implement additional social security measures in the new conditions of partial mobilization, the governor instructed to create a reserve of funds in the city budget,” the Smolny added.

Decree on holding in Russia partial mobilization Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on September 21. According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, they want to call up about 300,000 people from the reserve. “It is from the reserve. These are not some people who have never seen or heard anything about the army, these are really those who: a) served; b) have a military specialty, that is, the specialty that is needed today in the Armed Forces; c) have combat experience, spoke he.

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