Partial mobilization in Russia: how the regions will support those who will be drafted – news September 22, 2022 – September 22, 2022

After the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, the heads of some regions make promises to support conscripts and their families. How they will help with the ruble has already been announced in Moscow, the Crimea and Yakutia. It is also proposed to alleviate the fate of citizens at the expense of credit holidays. Even the airline joined the support measures.

One of the first about additional payments to those who will be sent to the war zone in Ukraine, said the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin. “I made decisions on additional measures of material support for volunteers and their families. I consider it necessary to fully extend these city support measures to those citizens who will be called up in Moscow in accordance with the Decree of the President,” wrote he on the eve of his blog.

The payments promised by the capital region were announced on September 22. The decree signed by Sergei Sobyanin refers, in particular, to monthly payments in the amount of 50 thousand rubles.

The head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, was a little more specific. He instructed each mobilized citizen of the republic to pay one-time payments – 200 thousand rubles. They can be obtained by filling out an application at the military unit.

“This is additional financial assistance for our soldiers and their families,” wrote he is on September 22 in his Telegram channel.

Military Commissar of Yakutia Alexander Avdonin, in turn, toldthat the mobilized Russians will receive from 205 thousand rubles a month, and this is not the limit. Payments, he explained during the briefing, will depend on positions and military rank. According to him, first of all, they are going to call up young people who served in the army no more than three years ago and have the skills of military service.

On Thursday, it also became known that the State Duma intends to make a decision on credit holidays and the preservation of labor guarantees for mobilized Russians. Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Vyacheslav Volodin emphasized: “No one will leave anyone.”

Against the background of the announcement of partial mobilization, air tickets for the next direct flights outside the Russian Federation from St. Petersburg have ended, this showed ticket aggregators. So, on September 21, it was impossible to leave St. Petersburg either for Tajikistan, or for Kyrgyzstan, or for Turkey. The Fontanka correspondent found only one ticket to Minsk, the last one. There were seats for a flight to Hurghada, however, for 156 thousand rubles.

Similar situation formed in Moscow. There were simply no tickets left for the next direct flights from the capital to Istanbul, Yerevan, Baku and other neighboring countries that do not require visas for entry.

The procedure for those who were going on a journey, but fell under the draft, was explained by Aeroflot. Such passengers are guaranteed a full refund for unused sections of transportation.

“Citizens subject to conscription who purchased transportation before September 21, 2022 inclusive, are entitled to an involuntary refund of air tickets. To do this, you must personally contact the place of purchase of the ticket and present any of the documents confirming the right to terminate the contract and return the funds,” declared in the press office.

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