Partial mobilization and conscription in St. Petersburg: what the military commissar of the city says – news September 22, 2022 – September 22, 2022

The notification and collection of residents of St. Petersburg to be mobilized began on September 22. This was told by the military commissar of the city Sergei Kachkovsky in a message distributed by the press service of Smolny.

“Citizens of the 1st category will be called up for mobilization, first of all,” Sergey Kachkovsky said. He noted that we are talking about soldiers and sergeants not older than 35 years old, as well as officers who are not yet 50 years old.

In the course of mobilization, according to the military commissar of St. Petersburg, the commissariats must take into account the presence of combat experience and military service experience. “People who do not meet these criteria will not be mobilized,” Kachkovsky emphasized.

Also, mobilization is not subject to Petersburgers working at enterprises of the military-industrial complex, those who are “booked” or unfit for health reasons.

“The call, which will begin on October 1, and the mobilization are different campaigns,” Sergei Kachkovsky said. He stressed that conscripts “will not be involved in the performance of tasks for conducting a special military operation.”

The task of the draft commissions for mobilization in the districts is to make sure that the one who is subject to mobilization meets all the criteria described above. “Ultimately, all citizens called up for mobilization will not immediately go to the area of ​​the special operation,” added the military commissar of St. Petersburg. He recalled that at first people “will undergo coordination” and personal training. Only then will they begin to participate in real tasks.

Earlier, Fontanka reported that on the afternoon of September 22 in St. earned 18 district commissions for mobilization.

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