Nine-year-old Sonya dreams of walking on her own. She needs help to take her first steps – September 23, 2022

Sonya is a cheerful and smart girl, she loves to play, she is very sociable. In general, an ordinary child. If not for one “but” – she cannot walk because of cerebral palsy. Sonya recently underwent surgery, and in order to take her first steps, she needs to undergo rehabilitation at one of the medical centers. But the course is not included in the OMS.


Sonya Baskakova, 9 years old, St. Petersburg.

cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia.

A rehabilitation course will help. The cost is 239,000 rubles.

Sonya has one of the twin sisters. At 10 weeks, my mother had a placental abruption. Doctors carefully managed the pregnancy, but early childbirth could not be avoided. The girls were born at 30 weeks. Sonya was less fortunate than her sister Masha. She didn’t breathe on her own. Ventilator, resuscitation and oppressive uncertainty. No one gave guarantees that Sonya would survive.

For a month and a half, the St. Petersburg doctors fought for Sonya’s life and nursed her. The baby was saved, but the parts of the brain responsible for movement were badly damaged. At five months, as soon as the baby recovered a little, her rehabilitation began, which continues to this day.

Petersburg has excellent opportunities for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. Sonya visited both public and private centers. She is constantly being worked on at home. Only thanks to this, it was possible to win back many, many skills from cerebral palsy. But you can’t walk on your own yet. This was hindered by the strongest spasticity, which twisted the muscles, fettered the legs, did not give the slightest opportunity to take a step on their own.

Sona has now undergone surgery. The rescue is gone. But in order for the girl to walk, even more classes with specialists are needed. And, unfortunately, what can be obtained under compulsory medical insurance is not enough for significant progress. You have to turn to private centers in St. Petersburg, which are considered among the best in the country. In one of these centers, Sonya was immediately approached, which is extremely important. Thanks to the specialists, the girl had a real breakthrough in development. And now she really needs to get back to these specialists in order to learn how to walk.

Classes are really very effective, but very expensive. The cost of the next course, which will strengthen the muscles of the legs, improve coordination and take the first steps, costs 239,000 rubles. For the Sony family, the money is significant. They cannot pay the bill on their own.

Helps the family to fundraising Petersburg charitable foundation “Alyosha”.

“Sonya is an ordinary girl from St. Petersburg. She dreams of walking along the streets of her beloved city, through museums and cozy squares, running up the stairs to the beautiful grand old mansions. But in order to take her first independent steps, Sonya really needs help, ”they say in the fund.


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