New Holland will host the Revision book festival and issue a map of independent bookstores in St. Petersburg September 23–25, 2022 – September 21, 2022

From 23 to 25 September, a new book festival will be held in the new Community space, opened at Dom 12 in New Holland. The “Revision” project, the theme of which this year will be “Solidarity, Mutual Aid, Charity”, was created to support independent bookstores. 0+

Bumkniga, Vse svobodny, Renome, TransLit, Most (Arka publishing house), Ivan Limbach publishing house, Cloudberry, Ad Marginem, No Kidding Press will take part in the Revision. , HSE Publishing House, Livebook, European University Press at St. Petersburg, Slow Books, Pushkin House, Goodwin, Subscription Editions, Gnosis, Akme, Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”, “Word Order”, “Session”, “Yellow Yard”, “Kolo”, St. Petersburg House of Books, “Own Books”, “Booksmart” (“Artclassics”), “Barberry”, State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, Jaromir Hladik Publishing House, Kriga, Limbuspress, Detgiz, There Is a Sense, Dal, Libra and V–A–C Press.

As part of the festival, presentations and lectures are planned. In particular, the audience will be treated to a presentation of a book by civil engineer and photographer Tatyana Yerova “Architectural ABC of St. Petersburg. From acroterium to apple. The history of the city in 100 elements” (September 23, 12.30), lecture by art critic Maria Shvets “Russian kitsch: how bad taste became the norm” (September 23, 14.30), discussion “Being friends in Russian, or a short guide to the theory and practice of friendly relations” with Professor of the Department of Philology HSE St. Petersburg Dmitry Kalugin (September 23, 16.30), Round table “Independent book publishing today: books, publishing houses and stores in new circumstances” (September 24, 14.00) and much more – the full program is published on the site. Children under 14 years old enter free.

The new project “Community”, the purpose of which is to create an “urban living room” for leisure and work, was launched from September 1 in the space of the Assembly Hall in New Holland. Entrance to it costs 150 rubles, the ticket is valid throughout the day, there are free categories of visitors.

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