Moscow developer “A101” will invest 290 billion rubles in the development of 950 hectares in the suburban area of ​​the Leningrad region – September 21, 2022

Moscow developer “A101” announced its entry into the real estate market of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The developer will begin the development of the region with three major projects for the integrated development of the territory on the territory of the Leningrad Region – in Vsevolozhsk, Lagolovo in the Lomonosovsky District and Korpikul in the Gatchina District.

In the Moscow market, the company specializes in working with large territories with an emphasis on creating jobs and social infrastructure. The target task of the company is to build a business similar to Moscow in the new region. A101 plans to enter the commissioning of 200 thousand square meters. m of housing per year.

According to Vyacheslav Semenenko, Director for Regional Development of the A101 Group of Companies, the company is implementing the project in Vsevolozhsk jointly with another developer, the Samolet company. On a plot of 12.9 hectares, 119.5 thousand square meters will be built. m of housing for 3 thousand people and will create about 400 jobs, as well as build a school and two kindergartens.

A larger project in Lagolovo will unfold on a plot of 124 hectares. There will be eight kindergartens and three schools, a clinic and 9,450 jobs. It is planned to go to the construction site within the next month. In total, 912 thousand square meters will be built here. m of housing.

The third project in Korpikulya in the Gatchina district is being implemented on a site of 811 hectares, 234 of which will be residential development for 29 thousand inhabitants, 121 hectares – cottage. Also, 46 ​​hectares will be allocated for social functions and 84 hectares for public functions, including an aircraft fleet with production facilities. The technological aviation park should become the social anchor of the territory – in fact, it is an aircraft cluster with the production of aircraft, the possibility of industrial tourism to the sites, a flight school and a school of aircraft designers in partnership with universities. Work on the territory will begin just from him, the deadlines are in the interval of next year. Now the first stage of the development of urban planning documentation is underway, a private partner in the fleet, whose name is not disclosed, is developing engineering competencies, R&D is being carried out, and models are being tested.

As Alisa Shishnina, commercial director of A101 Group of Companies in St. Petersburg, said, sales in the project in Vsevolozhsk will open in early October, and they plan to put it into operation in two years, in October 2024. Sales in Lagolovo will open by November.

Ignatiy Danilidi, General Director of A101 Group of Companies, also spoke about a special approach to social infrastructure. Schools on the territory of all three projects are technologically thought-out spaces with modern laboratory equipment and opportunities for practice, tailored for multi-format education.

“For our social facilities, we have formed our own standard of the educational environment,” he explained, “a vivid example is the Letovo school in New Moscow. We have our own educational bureau, which is engaged in pedagogical design, additional education for children and teacher training for our new schools.

One of the schools in Lagolovo will be for 975 students. Now the developer is negotiating with local authorities in order to increase the capacity of the existing school in the village during the construction period by modernizing it.

“The same is true with the existing polyclinic,” Vyacheslav Semenenko added, “where we will create a private medical module operating under the CHI program. By the time our new settlers come to the project, both schools – ours and the local one – should be synchronized, perhaps one of them will become a branch of the other.

Lagolovo has its own social tasks, and the developer is also interested in their implementation – by the end of the construction of the project, the village will not differ from it in terms of the level of the environment.

The total investment of the Moscow player in all three projects should be about 290 billion rubles.

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