Like fire: doctor Lopatin named 6 medical procedures that men are most afraid of

Proctologist examination and prostate massage

Perhaps the most “harmful” male fear in medicine is a visit to the proctologist. It is the fear of manipulation “there” that makes men endure the symptoms of hemorrhoids or suffer from anal fissures to the last. The therapeutic massage of the prostate, which many are completely afraid of like fire, stands apart. A complex of such procedures is prescribed for various forms of prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate gland and for problems with erection. Prostate massage helps to improve blood circulation in tissues and remove bacteria from the gland that caused the inflammatory process.

Naturally, the procedure brings not only psychological, but also physical discomfort. In addition, some are afraid of involuntary erections and ejaculation. during medical procedures. This can happen if the seminal vesicles located along the prostate are affected during the massage. You should not be afraid of this: such ejaculation will not bring any harm to the body. So the only advice is to relax and remember that the prostate is the same organ as any other.

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