Lazareva called the amount of money she needed abroad

TV presenter Tatyana Lazarevarecognized in Russia foreign agent, spoke about her financial situation. She admitted that she was still able to earn her own bread. About this she said in an interview with the YouTube show Normal People.

Lazareva called the amount of money she needed abroad

According to Lazareva, she never counted money and spent as much as necessary. According to her, even when, after the start of the special operation, her “whole life collapsed,” she was able to earn as much as she needed.

“When I run out of money, I go and earn it. They don’t appear from anywhere. Today I help, tomorrow they will help me. I am not at all afraid of being left without money. How much do I need now? Children, thank God, have already grown up. I will always earn my 500 euros a month. Even 1 thousand, ”said the TV presenter.

Recall that now Lazareva lives in Spain. Earlier, she expressed a desire to return back to Russia. The TV presenter responded Vladimir Solovyov. In his opinion, Lazarev should be imprisoned for anti-Russian statements. And journalist Mikhail Shakhnazarov believes that the return of the TV star will worsen the statistics of drunkenness in Russia.

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