Italy warns of possible use of nuclear weapons in the world

If Western countries do not stop supplying weapons to Ukraine, the conflict threatens to turn into the use of weapons of mass destruction. This statement was made by the leader of the Italian 5 Star Movement, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, transmits RIA News.

Italy warns of possible use of nuclear weapons in the world

He suspects that the situation may again reach a military escalation. He expressed the hope that those who develop a further strategy for dealing with the conflict understand these risks.

“We have before us the prospect of a war that threatens to have no borders and control, with an increase in carnage, civilian deaths and the destruction of cities, the prospect of the use of weapons of mass destruction,” Conte said.

He recalled that Russia has a large arsenal of chemical and bacteriological weapons and nuclear warheads. According to him, Ukraine must win a political victory, which automatically implies peace negotiations and diplomatic efforts.

Conte stressed that the 5 Star Movement, after the first deliveries of weapons to Ukraine, wondered which way out of this conflict would have resulted in fewer losses. He noted that this decision will affect both current and future generations, so the conflict must be resolved without great economic upheaval and suffering.

The former Prime Minister of Italy said that the “5 Star Movement” in the framework of NATO will advance a line that would force peace talks on both sides. If the conflict is not resolved peacefully, then there is a high probability that the case will end with the use of weapons of mass destruction, he believes.

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