“I’m alive”: Burunov, hospitalized with COVID-19, spoke about his condition

Actor hospitalized with coronavirus Sergei Burunov got in touch with fans and spoke about his health.

Hospitalized with COVID-19 Burunov spoke about his condition

– I’m in stable condition. There is nothing urgent. I’m alive – this is the most important thing, – he reassured the fans.

According to the actor, he made the decision to be hospitalized on his own because of his anxiety. Despite being in good health, the actor decided to go to the doctors as soon as he found out that he was infected.

Now Burunov has already been prescribed treatment, and the actor himself is sure that he will soon recover. He also urged all his subscribers not to ignore the appropriate precautions: wear medical masks and use antiseptics. Channel Five.

September 16 journalist Vladimir Pozner commented to “Evening Moscow” a message that he was allegedly urgently hospitalized in one of the clinics due to the consequences of the coronavirus. According to him, he does not know where such information came from, because he was not in the hospital.

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