“I wrote in, then crossed out these names”: Putin spoke about Nicholas II and Lenin in Novgorod

The president Vladimir Putin at the celebrations in honor of the 1160th anniversary of the birth of Russian statehood, he said that a person cannot “feel truly free if his people are not free.” He called the possible weakening of sovereignty and the abandonment of national interests “even for a while” “mortally dangerous.” Putin also stressed that no one is ever able to “prohibit or cancel” a unique civilization and rich culture. Russia. Read more in the article “Gazety.Ru”.

“I wrote in, then crossed out these names”: Putin spoke about Nicholas II and Lenin

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the 1160th anniversary of the birth of Russian statehood in Veliky Novgorod. In his congratulatory speech, he stressed that the country “will never again allow its sovereignty to be weakened.”

“For 1,160 years, we have firmly learned that it is deadly dangerous for Russia to weaken its sovereignty even for a while, to abandon national interests. We will never make such mistakes again,” the Russian leader said.

According to Putin, sovereignty is “a guarantee of the freedom of every” citizen, and “in our tradition” a person cannot “feel truly free if his people, Fatherland, Russia, Motherland are not free.”

“A responsible, strong government in our state will serve only the people of Russia, and their support on key issues of the domestic and foreign agenda is the key to the successful, safe development of our country as one of the centers of a more just multipolar world that is now emerging,” the president said.

He added that the soldiers and officers participating in the special operation on Ukraineshow the highest human qualities, and “to be a patriot is the essence of the nature and character of the Russian people.”

“For the sake of saving the people of Donbass. For the sake of a peaceful sky for our children and grandchildren, for the sake of our native country, which will always be only free and independent,” the Russian leader emphasized.

The politician listed the main, as he believes, Russian values ​​\u200b\u200bthat cannot be destroyed – loyalty to truth and justice, mercy, compassion, respect for the family, love for children, mutual assistance, readiness “to achieve well-being not for oneself alone, but for everyone – for all country, for the whole of Russia.

“No one is ever able to ban or cancel our unique civilization and richest culture. Just as it is impossible to shake and even more so destroy the values ​​that unite Russian society and make us one big united people,” Putin is sure.

Honest partnership

According to Putin, Russia is “on the side of open and honest partnership” and will build relations with “those who share these ideas.”

“We are on the side of an open, honest partnership. We firmly stand on this and will build such relations with everyone who shares our ideas of equal, mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said.

The President assured that a responsible and strong government in Russia “will always serve only the people of its country.”

“And his support on key issues of the domestic and foreign agenda is the key to the successful, safe development of our country as one of the centers of the now emerging more just multipolar world,” he added.

“Our civilization is original, it has its own way, and there is not a drop of swagger and a sense of superiority in this. This civilization is ours – that’s what is most important for us,” Putin explained.

He added that “being a part of the diverse Russian civilization” is a blessing, but also a responsibility.

“Cradle of Russia”

The President called Veliky Novgorod, Rurik’s settlement, Staraya Ladoga and Izborsk “the cradle of Russia, the source of our civilization and our state, our culture and enlightenment.”

“From here, from the north, the campaigns of the warriors of the first Russian dynasty of Rurikovich began. Trade caravans went from the Varangians to the Greeks. Russia was created. Ladoga and the Baltic, Novgorod and Pskov to Kyiv and Chernigov, Azov, the Black Sea, Crimea,” Putin recalled.

Russia went through different periods, including fragmentation, the president continued, but “each period ended with heroic victories.” Among the outstanding people, he named Rurik, Prophetic Oleg, Princess Olga, Prince Vladimir.

“You know, I either entered in this text, or crossed out such names as Nicholas II, Lenin, Stalin. Apparently, not much from a historical point of view, time has passed in order to give full-fledged objective assessments, devoid of the current political situation. But all of them are statesmen, workers, warriors, pioneers, scientists, ascetics and saints, and most importantly, all of our people have made Russia a great world power,” the president said.

On August 21, 1852, Emperor Nicholas I signed a Decree, according to which it was required “to adhere strictly to the chronology of St. Nestor”, and the year 862 received the official status of “the initial event of Russian statehood.” As a starting point, they determined the calling for the reign of the Varangians.

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