Fraudsters began to offer ways to get away from mobilization

Fraudsters began to call the Russians and offer ways to avoid mobilization. This is reported “”.

Fraudsters began to offer ways to get away from mobilization

The attackers promise to send a contract to the post office, for which they ask for 50 thousand rubles. After payment, the scammers disappear. The situation was commented by cybersecurity experts from Group-IB, “Kaspersky Lab” and Gazinformservis.

“There were numerous fraudulent schemes during the pandemic period (sale of QR codes, vaccination certificates) or sanctions against Russia (assistance with the withdrawal and cashing of funds, the purchase of goods from brands that left Russia). Now attackers are also adapting their scams to the current news agenda, ”said Group-IB Lead Analyst of the Digital Risk Protection Department. Evgeny Egorov.

Chief Specialist of the Department of Integrated Information Security Systems of the Gazinformservice Company Dmitry Ovchinnikov believes that such a scheme will definitely work at first, while the society is “excited by the news.” However, over time, the scheme will cease to be profitable and scammers will try to change it.

“Therefore, it will be complicated by “fake” calls from the military registration and enlistment office or other “decorations” from the field of social engineering. You need to understand this and be prepared for such calls from intruders,” warns Ovchinnikov.

Chief cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab Sergei Golovanov reminds that if the transfer to scammers is nevertheless carried out, you should immediately contact the bank and law enforcement agencies.

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