FP: Western support for Ukraine is under threat

The deterioration of the situation in European countries may lead to a decrease in the level of support Ukraine. This is reported by the American magazine Foreign Policy.

FP: Western support for Ukraine is under threat

“As anger against soaring electricity bills grows, European solidarity is waning. It’s bad for Brussels and for continued European support for Ukraine’s defense against Russian invaders.

The author notes that the protests in Czech Republic calling for greater country neutrality in the Ukrainian conflict could lead to further divisions in European society. In addition, Hungary maintains its refusal to join the sanctions against Moscow, and Italian businessmen blamed not Russia, but European officials for their plight.

High prices could further affect European unity, as well as the issue of European countries’ ability to spend this winter with a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies.

“If prices remain really high and the market looks very tight this winter, then political tensions will increase. If the winter is mild, it will be easier to live without Russian gas. Cold winter, it will be a winter of discontent, ”the expert magazine quotes Ben Cahillsenior researcher Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The United States and Western countries provide financial and military assistance to Ukraine after Russia began special operation in Ukraine. In addition, sanctions began to be imposed on the Russian Federation, which eventually led to a gas crisis in Europe. Former MP of Bulgaria Georgi Markov did not rule out that the inhabitants European Union may be on the verge of “bestial life” in connection with the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Western countries, reports RT.

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