Football players of the Russian national team were asked about military service before flying to Bishkek September 23, 2022 – September 23, 2022

The players of the Russian national football team at the airport, when checking documents before flying to Bishkek for the match against the national team of Kyrgyzstan, had to answer several questions about mobilization. He writes about this on September 23 Sport24 with reference to the head coach of the Russian team Valery Karpin.

“The military ID was not asked to be shown. Everything went well, on time at the border. They ask everyone questions: have you served, where are you flying, how long ago did you decide to fly … They asked something, yes. Someone even tensed up, ”Karpin said during a press conference.

The coach was also asked why the players are so sad.

“For me, the opposite is true: a good, normal mood. Everyone walks smiling. You go to the theory – and there is deathly silence before important matches. And today – noise-din, everyone smiles, laughs. Maybe they are smiling at me, ”Karpin replied.

Previously “Sport-Express” said that several employees of the Russian Football Union received subpoenas – a lawyer, a massage therapist and administrators of the national teams.

Recall that on September 24 in Bishkek at the stadium named after Dolon Omurzakov a friendly match between the national teams of Russia and Kyrgyzstan will take place. This is the first game of the Russian national team since November 14. After February 24, all Russian teams were suspended from international tournaments due to the start of a special military operation in Ukraine. On September 21, Vladimir Putin announced the start of partial mobilization.

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