Excursion with a bog expert along the ecotrail on the Sestroretsky swamp September 17, 2022 – September 13, 2022

International Swamp Day is celebrated in early February. In the southern countries, at this time, the swamps are covered with tender vegetation, and in our country this is the most dank time of the year. But the swamp expert Olga Galanina is sure that the swamp is beautiful and interesting in any weather. Especially Sestroretsk. Check it out on September 17th.

For many, the first associations with swamps are dirty, impassable, sucked in by the owner of the Baskerville dog, Stapleton, there is evil spirits. But in Finland, swamps are called Warm, Sea, Snow, Elk, Bread, Kvasnoe. Our Russian names are also not far behind: Pure Moss, Christmas Moss, Swamp Ocean. In the paintings of Kuindzhi we can see not “moss” at all, but grassy swamps. And Shishkin in the painting “Swamp in the Forest” depicted (according to all the signs obvious to the swamp expert) not a swamp at all, but a flood of the river. The swamps are closer to Petersburgers than to anyone: the historical St. Petersburg district of Kolomna stands on the site of the Goat Swamp. The inhabitant of Kolomna Alexander Blok wrote: “Love this eternity of marshes.” And perhaps, Olga Galanina suggests, he meant not only age: 1 mm of peat is formed per year, but since the swamps in the vicinity of St. Petersburg have a layer of peat five to six meters, they are five to six thousand years old. Blok, perhaps, spoke about their conservatism, immutability.

Olga Galanina will guide us through the Sestroretsky swamp, a specially protected natural area, an eco-trail. This swamp was included in the works, for example, of German marsh scientists – as an example of a “plateau swamp”, it is so even. It is older than the Egyptian pyramids, and now it calmly “observes” how the Gazprom tower flaunts in the distance.

We are going to the swamp on September 17, details are on the website of DK Lurie. The tour starts at 12:00. 12+

Alexandra Sheromova

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