Estonian prime minister who called to save electricity was caught in a photo with a heater

Prime Minister Estonia Kaya Callas, which has repeatedly urged citizens to save electricity, does not seem to be going to follow its own advice. The Estonian news portal Uued Uudised published a photo of her during a telephone conversation with the president. France Emmanuel Macron, pointing to an electric heater in the Prime Minister’s office.

Estonian prime minister who called to save electricity caught with a heater

“Kaya Kallas constantly calls for energy savings, up to turning off refrigerators. <...> The energy supply campaign has gone so far that some enterprises that consume a lot of electricity have been recommended to temporarily close,” the publication says.

The photo was immediately noticed on social networks, users were outraged by the duplicity of the prime minister, because it was she who repeatedly announced possible power outages and urged citizens in every possible way to save electricity.

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So, on Thursday, September 23, in a televised address, Kallas called on the inhabitants of the Baltic Republic to prepare for possible power outages. The head of the Estonian government pointed out that it would be wise to be prepared for possible power outages for everyone – government agencies, companies, and every single person.

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