Estimated timing of Sweden and Finland joining NATO

Estimated timing of Sweden and Finland joining NATO

At the moment, the protocols on the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO ratified by 27 out of 30 alliance countries. Consent has not yet been given Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey.

According to the publication, Slovakia is likely to formally support the expansion of the alliance soon, while Hungary and Turkey will postpone the final decision until 2023. In particular, Turkey may “remain on hold” until the country’s general elections are held next June.

However, Politico notes, Hickey believes that the process of NATO expansion could be completed before the end of 2022. According to the publication, the American ambassador, after a conversation with his Hungarian counterpart, came to the conclusion that Budapest may vote for Finland and Sweden to join NATO soon.

In turn, Turkey, the diplomat believes, will not want to be the only country in this situation that has not completed the ratification of the protocols. “I don’t think that he (the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan – approx. wants to stay on the island for too long,” Hickey believes.

In his opinion, in the light of the development of events around Ukraine, time in this matter is of decisive importance. “We have to do it. We must stabilize the situation,” the diplomat said.

In June, NATO leaders at a summit in Brussels officially pinvited Finland and Sweden to join the alliance. Turkey was the only one of the 30 countries in the bloc that opposed their entry. Later, the parties still managed to reach an agreement.

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