Erdogan urged world leaders to speak with Putin

Erdogan urged world leaders to speak with Putin

He believes that efforts UN to stop the Russian-Ukrainian war has so far been insufficient, the organization “failed not only to stop the bloodshed, but also to find a solution to the energy and food crises that arose as a result of it.”

“There is no doubt that more efforts must be made to end the war. This process requires the joint efforts of all world leaders, not just mine,” Erdogan said.

The head of Turkey stressed that all world leaders “should promote this channel” and discuss with Putin “the necessary issues to open this door.” In addition, in his opinion, they should do the same with the President of Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky. He is sure that the manifestation of “completely different negative approaches to Putin and Zelensky will not bring the expected result”, but on the contrary will lead to even more “death and destruction.”

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