BRICS foreign ministers concerned about conflicts in many parts of the world

Representatives of the BRICS countries are concerned about conflicts in different parts of the world

“The ministers pledged to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, stressed their commitment to the peaceful resolution of differences and disputes between countries through dialogue and consultation, and supported all efforts that contribute to the peaceful resolution of crises,” the statement said.

They also expressed concern about the intensification and continuation of conflicts in various parts of the world.

“The ministers expressed their concern over the intensified and ongoing conflicts in many parts of the world,” the foreign ministers said in a statement.

BRICS countries reaffirm the need for a comprehensive reform UNincluding the Security Council – a statement following the meeting of Foreign Ministers.

China and Russia supported the aspirations of Brazil, India and South Africa for a more active participation in the work of the UN – a statement by the Foreign Ministers of the BRICS countries.

The issue of vaccines

The BRICS foreign ministers have stated the need to ensure access to safe and affordable vaccines and diagnostics for residents of all countries, especially developing ones.

“Ministers reiterated the need to ensure access to safe, quality, effective and affordable medical countermeasures, including vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics and essential health products, for people from all countries, especially from developing countries, including the least developed among them, and also ensure equitable distribution of vaccines and rapid vaccination to fill the gap in immunization worldwide,” the document says.

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