Bozena Rynska renounced Russian citizenship

Journalist Bozena Rynska has decided to renounce her Russian citizenship. How informs Gazeta.Ru, in her social networks, she said that she had encountered some difficulties – in order to refuse a Russian passport, she needs to provide a certificate of payment of taxes, but the document cannot yet be issued to her for technical reasons.

Bozena Rynska renounced Russian citizenship

“Since September 5, I have been waiting for this filthy paper. The first time I was polite. The second time, having spent time and money on the road, I brought an employee to tears. For the third time, you will cry with the whole squad, ”said Rynska.

Recall that in July the widow of a political scientist Igor Malashenko sold a three-room apartment in the center of Moscow on Trekhprudny Lane. The cost of real estate with an area of ​​98.3 square meters was 52 million rubles.

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