Blogger Terletskaya accused Konstantin Meladze of harassing the participants of VIA Gra

Terletskaya said that this person is not worthy of trust, and mothers who give their daughters into his hands should first of all think carefully.

Meladze was accused of harassing the participants of VIA Gra

Such an unflattering recommendation. Meladze deserved after Terletskaya carefully studied the history of the VIA Gra group.

For the first time, they started talking about a female musical group in the early 2000s. Since then, the composition of the group has changed several times. Only the image of sexy seductresses, which was supported by the participants, remained unchanged.

According to Terletskaya, this also affected the relationship between the producer and the singers. It turned out that every second participant in the project reported harassment by the producer. But Meladze, who had an affair with eight Vera Brezhnevacontinued to maintain the image of an exemplary family man.

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