Americans ridiculed Macron after his words about Putin

Americans ridiculed Macron after his words about Putin

A photo: TASS / Global Look PressTASS / Global Look Press

It is specified that the French leader delivered a speech in the margins UN General Assembly in New York. He criticized the actions of the Russian Federation and called for increased pressure on the head of the Russian state.

The publication of the portal with the speech of the President of France evoked a stormy response from the readers.

“Macron imagined himself to be Napoleon,” commented user *FJB*.

Shiloh thinks Macron needs attention amid popularity Marine Le Pen, as citizens are more concerned about her proposals. “No one cares about Macron,” the reader emphasized.

“And did Macron knock on the podium with his shoe?” — wrote Killer_bees.

The Libtardologist opined that France is “one big toilet” and therefore “doesn’t get any greatness.” User House advised France to give up, joking that she was “handsome”.

Earlier it was reported that French President Emmanuel Macron held an unscheduled meeting with the US leader Joe Biden. They discussed support for Ukraine, cooperation in the Pacific region, Iran, as well as a number of difficulties related to China.

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